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Swepco Technical Support...An Ongoing Project

All Swepco employees are committed to the responsibility for supplying the highest qualityproduct for every application. Our sales and engineering force will gladly assist you in anyway possible with your pipe and tubing requirements.

Our technical department and field representatives are available to you long before an order isplaced, and they will continue to respond to your needs through the service life of our products.

We produce tubular products to all applicable ASTM-ASME and military specifications. In addition,we maintain a file of over 250 proprietary customer specifications to which we quote when requested.

All customer inquiries are handled with care to ensure that we are quoting on the complete productand quality you require.

Our in-house quality assurance program includes a well-equipped laboratory and complete testingfacilities. We can supply material to meet all applicable testing requirements including liquidpenetrant, radiographic, ultrasonic, charpy impact and corrosion testing.

Swepco products are produced using ASME code approved procedures, equipment and qualified personnel.We are certified to manufacture code stamped tubular products fro use in equipment produced to meetthe requirements of Section I, III, or VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. In addition,we are qualified to produce material to the ANSI, NFPA, U.S. Coast Guard and other applicable piping codes.

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