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This specification covers square and rectangular tubing, manufactured with thesame stringent mill controls and quality assurance systems used to produce allSwepco tubular products. Welding machines, operators and procedures are A.S.M.E.code qualified.

Square and rectangular tubing in sizes through 12" outside dimension, up to 1/2"wall thickness is produced with a single longitudinal weld seam. Larger sizesand heavier wall thicknesses will have two weld seams.

Continuous lengths to 40 feet long are available.

The following conditions and tolerances apply to standard production material.However, tubing can be produced to applicable parts of A.S.T.M. A-500 (cold formedwelded and seamless carbon steel structural tubing) when requested.

Outside Dimensions

The outside dimensions for square or rectangular
tubing will be as shown below.

Outside Dimensional Tolerances Rectangular and Square Tubing

Largest Outside Dimension
Across Flats

3" to 5 1/2"
over 5 1/2"
Plus or Minus


The above tolerances do not include an allowance for concavity or convexity. Allmeasurements will be taken at a point not less than 2" in from either end.

Chemical and Mechanical Properties

The chemical and mechanical properties of the finished tubing will equal or exceedthose of the raw material specified.

Corner Radius

The outside corner radius will be no greater than three times the nominal wallthickness specified.

Squareness of Sides (X°)
No side may deviate by
more than 2( from square.
Length of Tolerance
Cut to length +1/4" -0"
Random Length 15' to 24'


The maximum twist in each 3 feet, based on the greatest side dimension, will be as follows:

over 2 1/2" to 4" incl.
over 4" to 6" incl.
over 6" to 8" incl.
over 8"


The straightness tolerance for any tube will not exceed an amount calculated using the following formula.

.125" x total length


Each length of tubing shall be legibly marked with the name Swepco, size, grade of material and heat number.

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