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The unique welding process that incorporates proprietary technique and uses outerand inner synchronized tugsten arcs enveloped in an atmosphere of inert gas toproduce a double butt joint weld in wall thicknesses through one-half inch withoutthe use of filler metal. The Syncro-weld process then forges the weld effecting arefinement of grain resulting in a smooth weld surface.

Why is SYNCRO-WELD Unique?
IMPROVED DUCTILITY - By minimum heat input and uniform cooling - superior to single vee weld.
ADDED STRENGTH - Through elimination of possible weld defects such as lack of penetration, lack of fusion, undercutting and excess reinforcement. It provides refined grain from cold forging, and proper heat treatment.
GREATER CORROSION RESISTANCE - Roll forging of the welds refines grain, resulting in a smooth weld surface which impedes the penetration of corrosive media.

INCREASED FATIGUE STRENGTH - Smooth weld surfaces both O.D. and I.D. by use of compression rollers, eliminates all objectionable stress raisers.

ELIMINATION OF ROOT BEAD - The critical root bead weld area is completely eliminated by the Syncro-Weld process where a complete blend of top and bottom weld is effected without any joint bevels.


The companion process to Syncro-Weld employs the same double welding technique,but instead of roll compressing the weld beads, cold reduction is accomplishedby manufacturing the pipe over-sized and subsequently reducing it to desiredsize in tapered die swagging presses, thereby offering all the features ofSyncro-Weld pipe. All Dyna-Weld products meet ASTM A-312 fully without depositof filler metal on wall up and including 2.00" thick.

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