Swepco assumed a position of leadership more than 50 yeas ago when we pioneered automatic machinewelding of large diameter stainless steel and high alloy tubular products.

These many years of experience are now being applied to the production of high quality, large size,single seam stainless steel and alloy square and rectangular tubing.

Superior quality combined with superior pricing is achieved through the application of Swepco's manyyears of experience in purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, quality control and welding technology.

Product quality is controlled during the manufacturing process by using the Swepco "in process" qualityassurance program. The A.S.M.E. approved system has become the standard for quality in the weldedstainless steel piping industry.

Mechanical and chemical testing is performed in our own Quality Control laboratory. Mill test reportsare issued on all products shipped to distributor stock or to end users.

Size Range
Sizes through 12" x 1/2" wall thickness are produced from welded tubing. The tube round is passedthrough our exclusive Swepco "Shapemaster" forming system for conversion to a finished structural tube.

Larger sizes, through 24" x 1" wall thickness are manufactured with two automatic machine produced, longitudinal welds.

All stock sizes are available in type 304 stainless steel. Selected sizes are also available from stockin Type 316 and the low carbon content range for these grades.

Many alloys such as all weldable grades of stainless steel, nickel alloys, duplex alloys, and other highalloys or special metals can be produced.

Contact Swepco or one of our distributors for information on availability.

Stock Availability
Sizes through 6" square and 6" x 10" rectangles up to 1/2" wall thickness are available from distributorstock in 20 foot random lengths. Lengths, up to 40 feet long, without a girth weld can be produced to order.

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